Live Brilliantly

Liz Westbury MSW,RSW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T: 403.270.3535
F: 403.270.3530

Feel all your feelings. Think clearly. Act with confidence.

About Liz

Professional, warm, and creative; a professional counsellor and psychotherapist, a group leader and a public speaker, Liz Westbury has the ability to encourage and to inspire people with warmth and humour.

An expert in treating people who have experienced the effects of addictions, who have survived trauma, and who are going through transitions, Liz brings 18 years of experience with her.

Liz engages people in the change process and helps them set achievable goals through her clinical and personal knowledge of the healing process. Supportive and direct while facilitating people to see difficult truths about themselves and their lives; Liz helps people to get clear.

Working herself out of a job with clients is her goal. Her practice is built on word of mouth recommendations from people who have changed their lives.



  • Masters of Social Work; Registered Clinician
  • Advanced training in a variety of clinical modalities.
    A research study and article on group treatment effectiveness.
  • Co-developed a women’s shelter and the first crisis line in the NWT in 1987; the women’s shelter remain open.
  • Traveled alone through Europe, India and NYC for 1 year in 1989.
  • Mother of a wonderful son at age 40.
  • Sabbatical to Australia for eight months in 1999-2000.


Therapeutic toolbox

  • Action methods/ psychodrama, sociometry
  • Bowenian theoretical approach- considers intergenerational, cultural, familial influences
  • Developmental model
  • EMDR
  • Twelve Step work
  • Transactional Analysis

What I believe

I’m OK; You’re OK

People come to therapy to reclaim the ability to have fun and to figure out what they want.

We all have our own inner wisdom.

We won’t always know how to change or how to go through a life transition; we don’t have to do it alone.

All the old unacknowledged, un-witnessed, unexpressed feelings wait for us.

It takes more energy to hold in / push down pain than it takes to move through it and heal.

Therapy will not always be dark, heavy and painful; laughter is healing.

We learn patterns of behaviour based on early decisions which made perfect sense “back then”; some decisions we will want to keep and some we will want to change.

We can re-parent ourselves; incomplete developmental tasks can be completed now.

We can change our negative automatic self talk at a brain level.

“Alcoholism is a disease; suffering is optional” (anonymous)

Process addictions (gambling, sex, relationships, shopping, work, etc.) are real.


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